Bolster Repair


Bolster repair Bolton is a specialized bolster repair and restoration company. We accompany specialization in repairing the severe bolster damages like cuts, scratches, faded leather and ink stains.

leatherrepairsboltonWe undertake the various bolster repair tasks daily.  We are a family of professional repair men having extensive experience and skills that we have obtained in many years of practices. We can offer our customer correct advice and job when it comes to bolster repair, restoration and maintenance of your car seats.

The bolster repair and restoration provided by us imparts the original state to your bolster. We are also capable to alter the color of leather completely by using the specially designed products that are made for the leather repair and renovation. We refurbish your leather bolster to the complete new color of your preference.

In order to give you the better idea of our skills, we provide the case study examples where you can get the complete preview of our competencies. We provide bolster repair for both the domestic and commercial customers. We service them with our special weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly packages for leather cleaning, repair and restoration. Our eager professionals can handle the bolster repair and minor restoration projects on the spot. The major repairs are undertaken by carrying the vehicles to our accommodated workshop that is located in Bolton.

By using the leather cleaners that are made to remove the dirt and grime on the car bolster and simultaneously do not harm the original finish, we clean the oils and ink marks and restore the bolster to its natural look. The cleaning items used by us are commonly chosen by the leather industries.

We receive the leather bolster in the damaged form. Our leather craftsmen suggest the various ways to repair it like trim or replacement of whole leather to make it smart. The bolster is smoothened to avoid the further tearing by increasing its adhesive features. The leather holes are repaired with glues and then binders are applied to strengthen the surface.  Thereafter the leather filler does its job and fills the torn areas. It is left for few hours to let the filler dry.  Finally the leather color is applied to the bolster to provide the matching shade. The process takes a few hours to two days and then the repaired material is returned back to the customer.

Why choose us:

  1. Splendid bolster repair
  2. Incomparable matching color skills
  3. All types of bolster damages are repaired