Are you a company owner that has 100 over furniture items with leather seating? Leather repair Bolton can provide the leather re-colouring services on site. No reduction in the quantity so no loss of investment all to get the best ROI.

leatherrepairsboltonUndoubtedly leather is a blissful material that provides you fantastic and flourishing experience. Moreover it doesn’t need to make much hassle to keep it clean and maintained. But with the passage of time, even the most cared leather starts showing signs of wear and tear. Scratches occur and possibly the stains. In fact the most cozy leather item can cause troubles if its color doesn’t match with the original finish. That does where the leather repairs Bolton experts can assist you the best. They provide the specialized repair of all types of leather problems with stunning outcomes. Of course we can do the excellent leather recolor.

Leather is a kind of natural surface material that becomes dry and shows cracks over ages. It wears and tears and gets holes, burns, stains and color fades. We recommend the advanced leather repair kits that are available for multiple uses however each kit is made for the specific purpose. There are varieties of technologies and products that are used on the base of type of damage and restore the leather to its natural finish. We perform the patching, stitching, filling, dyeing and various other tasks that are essential to repair the damaged leather.

In the rigorous damages, the entire panel is disassembled then color matching is performed and the damaged leather surface is replaced with the new leather cover. The color loss is one of the common problems that occur in leather. Its dyes are receptive to ultra violet rays and with the passage of time, the color fades away if leather is subjected into direct sunlight.

The old leather items that were partially set into sunlight earlier also get cracks, scratches and color loss. We provide the best care to your furniture by recolor it. We use the matching color dyes that restore the color and protective finish to the piece regardless the tanning it has received. Be rest assured to obtain the quality re-coloring of your leather within the specified time.

What you get at us:

  1. Affordable re-coloring
  2. Superior color matching skills
  3. Unique leather look after re-coloring
  4. Matching coloring or completely new color finishing